Senior Software Engineer(s)

Company Name:
EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Drive the virtual provision requirements for VVOLs (virtual volumes). Research and understand the different VMware components involved in the VVOLs. Develop new features and enhancements to the Free space management module (allocating storage space) in storage array. Maintain and evolve the code that provides a mechanism to track a virtual provision application task, such as allocating or de-allocating a storage device. Provide technical expertise by independently determining and developing approaches for solutions to a wide range of complex software engineering problems. Responsible for the design, development, testing, documentation and analysis of modules or features of new or upgraded software systems and EMC products. Plan, design, develop, and test software systems or applications for software enhancements and new EMC products. Write high level design specs, unit test plans and/or integration test plans. May be assigned to projects that utilize VMware VVOL.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelors degree in Comp. Sci., Engin., Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field plus experience must include 24 months of experience in job offered or computer-related occupation. Experience must include : Virtual Machine Algorithms; GDB; Embedded system programming; Multithreaded programming; Debugging real time embedded systems; and Algorithm implementation/development. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

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