Pivotal Senior Field Engineer(s)

Company Name:
EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Provide technical expertise advise on Cloud Computing and PaaS architectures. Design, and develop solutions to integrate with cloudfoundry ecosystem. Design and implement spring based applications: Spring data, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Core, Spring Integration. Integrate java applications backend systems such as rabbitmq, redis, mysql and other sql databases (Oracle, DB2). Design and implement applications using In Memory Datagrid Systems such as Gemfire, Hazelcast or Terracota. Be able to design full text search applications to interact with ElasticSearch, Lucene or Solr. Install and deploy cloudfoundry middleware using opsmanager and BOSH on customer locations. Design and implement solutions using new cloud based technologies such as akka, reactor and vert.x. May be assigned to project that utilize noSQL technologies such as Cassandra (column oriented), MongoDB (document oriented), Redis (Key value). Install, configure and fine tune tomcat containers. Design and implement webservices on REST and SOAP technologies. May be assigned to various, unanticipated sites throughout the United States.
REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor's degree in Comp. Sci., Engin,(any), Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field plus 24 months experience in job offered or computer-related occupation. Experience must include: 1) CloudFoundry, 2) BOSH, 3) Agile Project development, 4) Vert.x, 5) Websockets, 6) Apache Kafka, 7) Akka, Reactor, 8) PaaS, 9) Redis, 10) Node.js,IaaS, 11) ElasticSearch, 12) Hazelcast, and 13) Cloud Computing. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

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