Software Quality Assurance Team Lead(s)

Company Name:
EMC Corporation
DUTIES: Ensures that system tests are successfully completed and documented and all problems are resolved. Develops quality standards for company products and oversees the development and execution of software test plans and analysis of test results. Provides guidance in the preparation of technical appraisals of programming languages and systems, computational software, and related technology. Works with all parties to develop the system and application requirements. After testing provides feedback to developers on potential changes. Has ultimate accountability for the sub-function and provides the highest level of advice and recommendations to maximize the outcomes of testing investments.
REQUIREMENTS: Masters degree in Comp. Sci., Eng.(any), Business, Math, Physics, or related technical field. 12 months experience in job offered or computer-related occupation. Experience must include: VMax Models(20K, 40K, 10K), VNX Models (5500, 7500), vCenter 5.0, Java, Groovy, SSH, TestNG, SVN, Maven, SMI APIs, Solution Enabler, Jenkins, and Agile Task Allocation. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training or experience is acceptable.

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