Principal Performance Engineer

Company Name:
EMC Corporation
Perform design, development, testing, analysis, and documentation of analytical experiments that model the anticipated performance of product concepts and enhancements. Perform experiment design and development, testing, analysis, and documentation of the performance characteristics and present results to key decision makers. Test and analyze standard components, as well as propose and evaluate enhancements, modifications, and corrections to existing and new storage products. Develop solutions to complex problems using graduate-level research and analysis skills, requiring regular use of ingenuity and creativity. Collaborate with other Engineers and other Engineering groups, voluntarily sharing information. Responsible for overall projects and serve as customer advocate internally and externally. Offer proposed design changes/suggestions to processes and products. Exercise considerable latitude in determining technical objectives, with minimal direction. Must be available to work on projects at various, unanticipated sites throughout the United States.
Employer will accept Masters degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Math, Physics or related technical field and 3 years of work experience in job offered or in a computer-related occupation. Experience must include: 1) Project management; 2) Perl, Unix, Object oriented language design (C++ or Java, etc); 3) Compilers; 4) Embedded C/Embedded OS; 5) Intel CPU architecture, non-uniform memory-access (NUMA) systems; 6) Developing Cycle-accurate simulators; 7) Heterogeneous and multi-threaded systems; 8) Algorithm development and implementation; 9) IO drivers; 10) Disk firmware; 11) Mainframe IO composition and performance; 12) Storage virtualization technologies; 13) Technical presentation skills; 14) Designing, developing, testing/QA, and/or implementing software applications and/or systems; 15) System engineering - performance analysis/tuning/prediction, Top down system analysis. Experience may be gained concurrently. Any suitable combination of education, training, or experience is acceptable. Must be available to work on projects at various, unanticipated sites throughout the United States.

Don't Be Fooled

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